Facebook hax0red

August 12, 2007

Facebook Source Code Leaked
We just received a tip that the source code for the Facebook main index page has been leaked and published on a blog called Facebook Secrets.

I wish they had broken into the Honesty Box facebook app and published the authors of the anonymous comments. Imagine the drama! For a taste, read the app’s forum on facebook – it is a riot.


If Facebook is VB for the web then God help us!

July 20, 2007

Master of 500 Hats: Kottke is wrong — Facebook isn’t AOL; it’s Visual Basic.
Facebook — or more accurately, the Facebook Platform — is the equivalent of Visual Basic for the Web. Because it provides a simple & easy way for anyone –ANYONE — to build a quick & dirty little app that can be deployed quickly on Facebook. Hell, i haven’t coded anything more advanced than HTML in over 10 years, and *I* even got the basic tutorial app to run.
And that’s why Facebook is going to dominate the Web.

After Kottke’s “Facebook is the new AOL” rant, here comes another stupid metaphor. I wonder if Facebook platform is the VB for the web, then what does that make Facebook? Microsoft Windows? Next up: Facebook is the new God because it got me laid.

Facebook: After the hype comes the bashing

July 20, 2007

Facebook: the new data black hole « Scobleizer
I added the WordPress Facebook Application a few days ago. Now my blog, and your comments, are showing up on my Facebook Profile Page. Along with my Twitters. My Flickr photos. My Google Reader items. My Kyte videos. And a bunch of other things.

Scoble, you are late on the meme. Read Kottke’s post – he did a better job. Jeremiah: The fb profile data is available through the API – write a friggin app and export your profile someplace if you want to. Btw, Scoble, your twitters, Reader feeds, blog posts are all RSS. They are supposed to get sucked elsewhere.