Are feed users idiots?

Why Feedburner is trouble (Scripting News)
These technologies work best when there’s lots of competition and lots of choice, and when users are alert and don’t trust companies that don’t deserve their trust.

First of all, people who subscribe and read feeds are not your normal users. They tend to be somewhat informed in matters related to openness and standards. Second, I don’t think somebody at Google “owns” all your Feedburner feeds. Also, last time I checked, people at Google are extremely well-paid and self-satisfied. Third, what is the market share of Feedburner and Google Reader? They don’t dominate their respective markets like Microsoft did. I like paranoia when it is backed up by some facts. This is pure speculation driven by Dave Winer’s need to protect RSS (or his ego, same thing). I doubt Dave would have raised the same objections if Feedburner was acquired by Yahoo (which owns “My Yahoo” – the most used feed reader on the web).


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